Sonic Advance 3 cheats to consider before playing

Sonic Advance 3 boasts adding many tag mechanics from Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2 as well as introducing new improvements. This game also asks the player to choose a playable character and a partner to support. Although it sounds like Sonic the Hedgehog 2, you soon discover many differences.

Hence, how to gain a final victory? Will you want to take some Sonic Advance 3 cheats to overcome difficulties? If your answer is YES, you should follow us now!

Sonic Advance 3 Cheats

Sonic Advance 3 cheats to consider before playing

Choose your team

With two characters to play, it’s best to follow our selection to play better. They include:

  • Sonic and Knuckles – Fighting Buddies
  • Sonic and Tails – Unbreakable Bond
  • Sonic and Amy – Lovely Couple
  • Cream and Amy – Team Jubilee

Another interesting thing is that you still unlock other characters and use them when the game progresses.

  • To unlock Amy, you need to complete Zone 4 Act 3 with Sonic as a leader.
  • To unlock Knuckles, you have to beat Sunset Hill Act 3 with Sonic as the leader.
  • To unlock Cream, you must accomplish Zone 6 Act 3.

Become Super Sonic

Try to gather all of the Chaos Emeralds while playing and then finish the final boss with Sonic. Relying on that, he can turn into Super Sonic automatically.

Find skateboard

Select Sonic as the leader and Amy as his partner. Then enter route 99, grind on a rail and you will get a skateboard on the bottom of Sonic.

Kill Boss easily

In this case, you need to use Cream as the leader and Tails as a secondary person. After that, hit the B button to carry out a homing attack. Make sure you apply this attacktothe bosses in Zone 6 and 7 or the final boss because it works quite well.

Beat Boss in Stage 7

We’re sure you will get a tough time to beat the boss in stage 7. That’s why you need our Sonic Advance 3 cheats at this time. Choose Knuckles and Tails as your partner and enter the boss zone later. If he spins swiftly, you need to hit A twice so that Knuckles glides. Start gliding over the wall to climb over it. However, you should be careful because if the Boss jumps near you, he can damage you.

Beat Boss in Stage 7 - Sonic Advance 3 cheats

Defeat the final (extra) boss

If you’re using Sonic as the leader, remember to get all Chao Emeralds. After that, find and defeat the Boss in the final zone to visit an additionalarea. There, you can catch a new partner, named Eggman. Later, hold down the R button to charge Tag Action and release the button.

Open Secret Stage mode

As long as you finish all 7 special stages, just come back to the main menu and then hit Up, L, Down, R, Right, and Left. Relying on that, you can unlock the Secret Stage mode easily.


Although there are some of Sonic Advance 3 cheats above, they are indeed essential to follow if you want to win this game. In case you find more great cheats by yourself while playing, don’t mind sharing with us as other players do. We love to see your comments here.