How to Make a Sonic Game Greatly?

Any game developer wants to make their game fascinating and excitingin the long run. As a Sonic fan, you definitively want to know how to make a Sonic game greatly, right? How does Sega Games do? What does this company need at this time?

Follow us, and you will know instantly.

how to make a sonic game

How to make a Sonic game greatly?

Give more speed

You can watch Sonic Generations as the optimal example. While playing a Sonic game, you don’t want him to run slowly for sure. All you need is to break the sound barrier and enjoy how quickly you can complete the course. Of course, it’s best to have him leaving dusty clouds behind his footsteps.

Restore the Chao Garden

Both Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 highlight the Chao Garden as a secondary activity to the storyline. Enter here, train your Chao from the beginning, and enhance it so that you can become a karate master. However, while playing some latest Sonic games, there is no appearance of the Chao Garden. It’s actually a great bonus that lots of fans enjoy. That’s why we’d love to see it back.

Stop being dark

After Sonic Adventure 2, the Sonic series seem to be dark to provide 14-year-old players. Moreover, Sonic the Hedgehog is a bit edgy with his cool attitude. We just think that Sega should stop adding love plots and dark manner into the series because these things will soon break the game.

Avoid changing too much

As outlined above, replacing the original game to make it unique is normal and okay. But, that doesn’t mean you have to change everything about Sonic that we used to know and love. The Sonic Boom series is ashamed since they vary from the gameplay, voices, power-ups to even the shapes and sizes of the familiar characters. Indeed, it’s unnecessary and nonessential.

If you prefer how to make a Sonic game greatly, it’s best to keep the original formula. For instance, The Legend of Zelda series doesn’t alter its formula too much. And you can see how much fans still love that series.

Have a lack of characters

how to make a sonic game 2

We often don’t mind when seeing a new face in a game, right? It’s because new faces will add a refreshing way to keep the series going. But, the only problem here is that Sega gives the same plot for most of the characters. For instance, Silver and Shadow mostly take the Knuckles story and restate it. Meanwhile, Silver is perhaps the most like Knuckles because he tends to attackSonic at the beginning.

In case Sonic Team truly wants to introduce new characters, the best thing is that they should create a new plot for each or stop adding too many new faces.

Listen to fans selectively

Since the Sonic series attract a large number of fans from every corner of the world, some reckon that getting ideas from fans is not good. However, listening to them selectively will work. For example, lots of fans don’t want to see Sonic shooting a gun or even waving a sword. All they just love is to see the classic Sonic that they know for a long time.

Final words

When it comes to how to make a Sonic game greatly, we temporarily show 6 ways. If you have any nice idea to offer, tell us since all we did will make this game more fantastic.