Sonic Mania Review

sonic mania review

At first glance,

Sonic Mania’s presentation is exciting and stimulating.

This game will bring you back to what made it so famous; that is, blazing-fast side-scrolling action. It actually channels the best sections of the series like the speed, the action, and the level design. It even gives lots of significant improvements on them

It can be said that,

Sonic Mania is the game that fans of Sonic are waiting for because it’s a game made by fans in many ways.Mania was put together by a team of indie creators who acquire initial experience of Sonic fan projects before joining hands with Sega to restart the franchise.

Do you feel excited to discover this game?


Why don’t you try to read our Sonic Mania review below to know better before getting started, guys?

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Sonic Mania review and what you should not miss for sure

Main story

In this game,

Three familiar characters including Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles will get involved in a battle against Dr. Eggman.

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But the BIG issue is that this crazy scientist is not alone. At this point, he receives the support of the Hard-Boiled Heavies, a group of customized Eggrobos.


The main request here is to defeat Dr. Eggman and his accomplices. And at the same time, you need to take the Chaos Emeralds successfully.

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Visuals and Music

One of the first impressions that you instantly fall in love with Sonic Mania is its visuals and music.

Its display imitates the elegant aesthetic of Sonic’s initial games with complete detail. The pixelated sprites of Sonic and friends recall the Segar Genesis’ counterparts. Moreover, the new effects add a layer of personality to the typical characters that is fun to see.

How about the music?

This game offers a variety of new music tracks and remixes of fantastic hits. The New Jack Swing dance music gives a great influence while playing the game.


Both music and visuals work together to create an aesthetic that is reminiscent of previous Sonic games yet in a pleasant style.


Sonic Mania introduces the controls like a classic-style Sonic game.

You are allowed to guide Sonic, Tails or Knuckles. You even work cooperatively with another character like Sonic and Tails like Sonic 2.

From the beginning, the movement physics and general feel of every character are separate yet familiar, keeping the faithful to the originals.

The group’s unique capabilities remain intact except for one thing. Sonic comes with a new Drop Dash, which permits him to roll forward after performing a jumpquickly. Although it’s a small addition, it provides an available new way to choose speed or prevent incoming danger.

Level designs

In our Sonic Mania review, level design is the greatest point as well, featuring 12 awesome zones to experience.

Each is meticulously designed with intelligently placed obstacles and different roads that keep you guessing. And it’s indeed stimulating to overcome a variety of ways while running at top speed.

No pathway ahead ever feels inaccurate when sprinting through loops or hitting springs to different directions. And there are rare instances where the action stops without reason.

The most wonderful thing is that your sense and awareness of control running through a zone is better than Sonic’s classic games.

The abilities of each character are another excellent point.

While Sonic is able to blaze a trail through a zone, Tails and Knuckles can search for other roads beyond his reach thanks to their flying and climbing capacities. It’s fun to engage with the subtle way that each character interacts with the world.

Is there anything else?

Sonic Mania follows its predecessors and avails the stimulating sense of speed that the 2D games shaped their success.


It never involves elements from the previous version; instead, it enlarges upon the common points with new ideas.

New zones offer lots of creative concepts that change and build upon the series’ quick-paced level design. Whether you have to freeze yourself into an ice block to break through walls or discover a maze to reach the end of a zone, the ideas of this game deliver a strong sense of identity compared to the originals.


The more you play Sonic Mania, the more rewards you receive.


Extra modes such as Time Attack and Competition provide other ways to experiences the levels.

Aside from getting all the Chaos Emeralds to acquire the realvictory, one of the most convincing reasons to replay zones starts from Secrets. It’s a Sonic Mania’s term for unlocks that allow you to access to new abilities and characters.

For instance,

You are able to play through the whole campaign using Sonic’s Insta-Shield capacity from Sonic 3. You even unlock “& Knuckles” mode to welcome another character who can play with you in the game.

Final thought

HERE you will

Join with Sonic, Tail, and Knuckles to race through all-new zones, enjoy fantastic surprises, and deal with powerful bosses.

You also uncover a myriad of never-seen-before secrets and hidden ways. What’s more, the all-new experience celebrates the best of classic Sonic, giving exciting things ever.

And if you’re willing, welcome to Sonic Mania, guys!

Hope that our Sonic Mania review above help you understand this game a bit so that you can make a choice – YES or NO.

Of course,

A BIG YES to PLAY the best Sonic game ever!