Sonic Forces Review

sonic forces review

Following the success of Sonic Mania in 2017 closely, Sega has continued releasing another game – Sonic Forces – mentioning the same character in the same year.


Is this latest game in the Sonic series attractive enough to make you play hours and hours?

Why don’t you consult our Sonic Forces review below to know more, guys?

Here we are!

About the main story

Sonic Forces continues talking about the attack of the evil Doctor Eggman to Sonic’s city. And this game starts when Sonic hears about the battle and rushes back to confront the invaders.


Sonic quickly sustains a defeat because Dr. Eggman owns some powerful allies, called Infinite. After six months, hehas taken over the world, leaving Sonic and his friends in a challenging position.

To oppose that treat, a ragtag group consisting of Sonic, most of his supporting cast, a younger version of himself, and a new character, called “The Rookie” come together.

At this point,

Creating the new characterseems to be a GREAT selling point and one of the KEY new features in Sonic Forces.

Here you are allowed to make your own Sonic character by selecting their species, customizing their look, and dressing them up in all kinds of items. And after every level, you can unlock more and more things like bodysuits, headgear, weapons, eyewear, etc.

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About different types of stages in Sonic Forces review

In this game, there are three main types of stages.

Modern and Classic Sonic stage types require you to control the respective versions of Sonic, availing the separate playstyles to run through a combination of 2D and 3D levels.

While the Modern Sonic is basically more linear and concentrated on high speed, the Classic Sonic provides more in the way of ramifying over paths.

Although both types can be fun while playing, the general lack of speed in the Classic Sonic feels a bit odd when Sonic can speed up quicker but doesn’t acquire strong momentum as running uphill.

The third type of stage requires you to guide your customized character with a unique playstyle based on a special gun, called a “Wispon.”

Additionally, you can use other attacks to fight such as:

  • Lightning offers you a supercharged electric whip and allows you to zoom through strings of rings and enemies when powered up.
  • The drill permits you to charge in a straight line to attack and lets you dig into the ground.

However, you should NOTE that,

All three stage types come with a persistent issue; that is, they don’t DO an excellent job of warning danger. Therefore, when you’re moving at high speed through stages, you are going to find yourself falling into pits or taking hits unexpectedly.

About visuals

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In the Sonic Forces review, we pay special attention to the visuals.

While playing,

The backgrounds in each level, the attacks the enemies throw at you, characters, cutscenes, etc. look great.

You soon love how levels control different lighting conditions since you can go from bright sunlight to complete darkness in a short while. And when you’re in the dark, you can see neon cables in the air so that you can jump on and slide through with ease.

But what we dislike?

Apart from the great visual and character creation, there are still something annoying while playing Sonic Forces.


Most of the levels look great; however, you quite often feel that the game is playing itself because some parts don’t ask you to do anything.

For instance,

Some sections allow your character to enter a mini-cutscene and perform a series of moves by itself. That makes you wonder whether the designers want you to play or just watch. These scenes are even harsh you from enjoying the game.

The levels, themselves, are short.

You simply spend about 5-7 minutes to accomplish on the first try.

Although there are lots of levels to overcome, it feels as though there is not any depth and it starts feeling boring. You don’t need to engage half the enemies because all you just do is to evade them and go through.


The rewards for speed-runs is not a BIG deal in Sonic Forces as well.

Finishing a level too quickly without getting all the bonuses gives you a higher rank at the end of the level. If you complete all the levels, you will get a C rank. And in case you get a higher score, you will receive B, A or the best position.

In fact,

You easily get the best rank while playing. However, you won’t acquire any red bonus coins orwin any rings at the end of the level.

The boss battles

In Sonic Forces, the boss battles are rather good because,

Sonic boss fights are challenging enough yet not too long, and they highlight some stunning backgrounds like reality-bending combat with new enemies, Infinite.


Both of the gameplay and story just finish towards the end of the five-or-six-hour campaign. Hence, you won’t catch a fight of Sonic’s old rivals that is introduced early on.

In a word

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On top of the fun of building and playing as your own character, some silly charms make Sonic Forces tough to be too disappointed.

The graphics and visuals are engaging and colorful while the music is suitable for each scene in the game. Besides, there are some fascinating levels and surprising strong boss combats.

Although you can find some messy points in our Sonic Forces review, this game tries to look for excitement in spite of rough edges.

And if you want to give a right judgment, PLAY by yourself now! Hope you get more fun moments, guys!